Pre-open Trading ideas of Nifty Fut for 17.08.2021

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Pre-open Trading ideas of Nifty Fut for 17.08.2021

For Nifty Fut last cl 16559

In case Bullish move :-

Buy on dips near 16555 to 535 [ needs to hold ] for initial tgt 16590.

For more bullish move add more after stable crossing above 16590 for the extended basis intraday Tgs of 16611—16640 & major 16666. Very major 16730-755.

For Buy on dips Sl should be maintained below 16499 & for break out buying Sl trailed at 16535.

Cautious stance should be maintained at higher ends – if any rally fails to cross 16640-16666 range even after crossing 16611/620 levels then intraday basis sell with Sl 16710.

Source : Eureka

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